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You definitely keep your CNIC with yourself all the time, since it is required mostly. However, sometimes, you lose your ID card or a thief takes it away with other things in the wallet. Or there may be a situation when you suspect someone and want to know more about him. If you know his CNIC, you can get the whole record of his citizenship.
CNIC Information eService has specifically been provided to our valued visitors in order to collect information about the entered ID card number. The procedure is fairly simple. At first, you have to enter the CNIC. After that, type the CAPTCHA code given. That is for security reasons. Once you are done with these steps, click on the ‘Find CNIC Info’ and you will be directed to the details of that person, whose CNIC you have entered, i.e. location and gender

Importance of CNIC

CNIC stands for the Computerized National Identity Card, which shows your nationality. Commonly, you call it your ID card number. Every citizen of a country, who is 18 years old and above, must have CNIC. It is your recognition in the whole world. Wherever you go, your CNIC is checked. CNIC number is unique and it is very helpful in finding the criminals. NADRA is Pakistan’s National Database and Registration Authority. Every citizen is registered under the rules and regulations of NADRA. On the basis of your CNIC, you can apply for a passport, visa, etc.


Use of CNIC in VISA and Immigration

If you want to go abroad, first of all, you must possess a valid CNIC. Whether you are applying for a study visa, spouse visa, visit visa, or any other type of visa, you will be having dual nationality as per rules and regulations of NADRA. For overseas Pakistanis, this dual registration is called NICOP, i.e. National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis. So, if you have this document, you will face no problem, wherever you go.
NICOP is not just an identity card. It is much more than that. For a valid visa and immigration purpose, your NICOP will be proof of your free entry to Pakistan. There are certain terms and conditions to apply for this type of identity card. You can visit the official website of NADRA to go through them.
The charges of NICOP are 25 USD. One card is issued for a duration of 3 years. If you want to apply for NICOP, you need the following documents:
1. Copy of your CNIC
2. 2 passport size photographs with the blue background
3. Pakistani passport
4. Foreign passport and
5. Application forms filled in Urdu and English both languages.
Now, you can apply for new or lost CNIC online through the official website. For any kind of information related to CNIC, you can visit the link given below:


Find CNIC info


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